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Joel D. Feinstein

Quality of care? Dr. Feinstein’s patients say it best...

"He’s incredibly thorough, compassionate and knowledgeable. Took ample time to review my list of concerns and was very patient with my many questions. Hard to find doctors like him. Highly recommend." ~ Aetna on RateMDs.com

"From the moment I met Dr. Feinstein, he made me feel like I was in good hands. My previous doctor had retired, and I was recommended to Dr. Feinstein by my cardiologist. Dr. Feinstein had gone over my many years of reports on my past procedures, and he explained in simple-to-understand dialogue. The most important was his ability to listen, and his caring of what I may be concerned with regarding my health and colon. Simply put, Dr. Feinstein is one of the best doctors I have come across in my 58 years on the planet." ~BK on Vitals.com

I'm 56 years old. I was with the same internist for about 25 years. He retired 2 years ago. I couldn't bring myself to look for another doctor, because I "knew" I would never find someone as good as he was. To incredible surprise my first visit with Dr. Feinstein was more than I could ever imagine. He listened intently, he explained things very well and detailed, and he spent the necessary time to make me feel like he really cares. He will definitely be my doctor until he retires. ~ Mark G.

A good friend referred me to Dr. Feinstein. I was looking for a new primary care physician who also specializes in gastroenterology. He was very personable and I liked him a lot immediately. He took time to listen and then explained clearly his diagnosis and what options I had for managing and ameliorating my stomach problems. I feel that I am in good hands and can trust him as my primary physician going forward. ~ Michael H.

Dr. Feinstein has treated me for many years for my gastrointestinal health. I like him so much that I now use him as my Internist. He is very thorough, practical and articulate. I would recommend him highly. ~ Stephanie P.

On my first visit to Dr. Feinstein, he spent almost two hours talking about my family's history, my life style, my wishes and how I live. He's the only doctor that ever treated the entire me and he has made me feel very safe and comfortable about my health for over 20 years. Sincerely, Hope H.

Dr. Feinstein is a terrific doctor...he sets aside real time to talk to you about ALL of your health, he diligently explains why we should or should not be concerned about something, when you need him, he’s on the phone. In a time where efficiency/productivity is a "hallmark" of medicine, it is great to know that you can actually talk to your doctor. He also has a great sense of humor. I have had the great pleasure of seeing Dr. Feinstein for _ years. While he specializes in Gastroenterology, he has been my "all around" doctor for years. He focuses his practice on all your parts...and holistically. While I've seen Dr. Feinstein for years...for all sorts of things...1just had my first colonoscopy. I think this is the first time I have come to him about something in his actual specialty. Well … as far as these things go...he was great! I would recommend him highly...for all matters medicine. ~ Gwen M..


I have been Dr. Feinstein's patient for many years. He is a remarkable physician: brilliant beyond words, compassionate, caring and knowledgeable. He is an incredible diagnostician. He is always available and reassuring. He explains every test and its results. He told me what I could expect every time I was ill.

I was hospitalized several times. He would tell me only what I needed to know at that moment, so I would not be terrified by possible problems. We always started with me scared and he worried; and ended with big smiles on both our faces. What I like most about Dr. Feinstein is that he listens. He answers my questions clearly and completely. Most importantly, if I think something is wrong, he respects that. Then he proceeds to find out what it is. And cures me. I will never be able to thank him enough. ~ Yvonne F.


Dr. Feinstein is the best doc I have known. Patient, caring, knowledgeable and experienced are what I feel every visit. I never feel rushed or kept waiting and the staff, though seemingly very small are friendly and professional. I have been through several "getting older" medical transitions in the past few years and Dr. Feinstein has guided me through, successfully, if its a test, treatment, referral, or diagnosis, the doc has not only seen me to safety, but has also saved my life. I’m deeply grateful to know him and have happily referred my wife and children to him plus any friend I have who needs a doc. he is the benchmark for me. ~ Ted W.

Dr. Feinstein has such a soothing and gentle approach to explaining health issues that his exam room is one of the few places I can go where my blood pressure actually goes down. He is understanding and knows how to relate to patients and their medical problems. ~ Richard A.

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Quality of care?

Dr. Feinstein's patients say it best...

"He’s incredibly thorough, compassionate and knowledgeable. Took ample time to review my list of concerns and was very patient with my many questions. Hard to find doctors like him. Highly recommend." ~ Aetna on RateMDs.com

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